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Training Services                                   

These can be offered as one-off sessions or as six week programmes built around your needs.

Kid in Graduation Gown

Education, Business, Public Service and Community Group Training Sessions includes:

  • Awareness of autism

  • Creating an autism aware environment

  • Autism and ADHD

  • Autism and Attachment

  • Autism and Sensory Processing

  • Autism and Girls

  • Autism, anxiety and managing Mental Health

  • Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)

  • Neurodevelopmental and environmental behaviours and management (such as ADHD; Attachment Disorder; Oppositional Defiant Disorder; Conduct Disorder).

  • Autism: a life not a label

  • Autism a multi-perspective experience of growing up in a neuro-diverse social world

  • Social skills and stories mentoring

  • Supporting transitions

  • Literacy Difficulties and Development

  • Literacy as a whole school approach

  • The psychology of gaming behaviour

  • For information on Autism Education Trust Training in Shropshire for education professionals, please see 

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