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Parent Advisory Coffee and Conversation

Being a parent is tough enough as it is with all the stresses and expectations of daily life.  The SEND journey is often lonely, frustrating and anxiety evoking. Navigating the differing systems and languages of education, health and social care in very many cases is confusing and alienating. Whilst we are professionals at Edvocation Services, we are also parents and we have journeyed both alone and alongside parents and school staff so that each child can be heard.   

Coffee and Croissants
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Our Parent Advisory Coffee and Conversation Community is an informal and on-line forum where you can  meet other parents who are at different points on their journey, as well as talking with our very own Andrea Hones (Parent Advisor). Currently this community is open to parents of children who we have assessed through the work schools and Local Authorities invite us to do, or where an assessment has been undertaken at the request of parents.  We are presently offering our Community Coffee and Chat without charge or commitment from you.

For those who would prefer a more individual setting for your

conversation, you may wish to purchase scheduled times to meet with Andrea on-line on a one-to-one basis. 

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