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Child at Psychologist

Consultancy and intervention

Triage Consultation Service

Concerned  about a young person's behaviours but unsure what may be underlying them?

Edvocation® offers a triage consultation service.  This service is suitable for those with 'niggles' and/or with minimal professionals involvement (such as health services). This comprises a:

  • 30 minute virtual or telephone consultation with the opportunity to complete a brief, clinically indexed assessment with our expert inclusion and specialist education consultant.

  • Confirmatory email of findings and recommended next actions. This may include specific assessments or signposting to other agencies.

A brief discussion of developmental and familial history of the young person; information on engagement , attainment and progress in school learning and relationships; and an outline of your specific concerns provides the context of behaviours that are concerning to you. For more information on this service please see our Triage Consultation On-line booking page.

Individual Case Consultation Packages

To support parents, families and professionals negotiate education, health and social care systems, such as requests for Education Health and Care Plans or health assessment referrals. Edvocation® Services has partnered with Associate Practitioners in Education and Inclusion to guide, compile and review documentation associated with the SEND Code of Practice (DfE, 2015) and clinical practice referrals.  Individual Case Consultation Packages are costed on a time allocated basis. For more information, please book an advisory meeting using our on-line booking service.  

                                                                     SENCo/ ALNCo Support Service


Edvocation® SENCo/ALNCo Support Service can reduce the pressures on SENCo/ALNCo time taken:

  • to fill in lengthy referral forms

  • make contact with parent/s/carer/s

  • conduct professional discussions with colleagues

  • collate information from external agency reports and teacher-based assessments. 


Edvocation® Support Service can be purchased as:
  • a screening or profiling assessment package

  • a separate piece of work, such as referral to BEE-U/CAMHS services.


Edvocation® Support Service work includes: 

  • organising virtual meetings/ telephone consultations/ face to face meetings for professional discussions and parent/carer/young person perspective

  • reporting on findings, interpreting, and reviewing SEND/ALN data

  • collating multi-informant information

  • completing referral forms/ writing professional reports for needs and provision mapping.

Tailored Consultancy Services:

Individually costed, bespoke work and high needs provision developed around a young persons needs to support Inclusion in Practice:


Work has included:

  • SEND specialist on Independent Review Panels (IRP) where a pupil with or suspected of having SEND has been excluded from provision.

  • Working as Specialist Education Consultant with Dr Wasi Mohamad, Mental Health and Wellbeing Service ( to undertake ADOS 2, ADIR assessments and discussions with education professionals as part of the autism diagnostic process.

  • The opportunity to review classroom practice and the sensory environment of key areas to support school inclusion for young people with social interaction, communication, information and sensory processing profiles.  This professional collaboration can support performance management and pupil advocacy through championing individual staff members and pupils in autism. 

  • Bespoke support for staff in specialist primary resourced and secondary 'hub' provision in mainstream settings or mainstream schools working with pupils who have SEMH or neurodevelopmental conditions.


  • Targeted support for young people facing challenges through high anxiety, sensory and information processing, and in social relationships related to Autism Spectrum and Social Emotional Health.

Bespoke and Targeted support is designed as a collaboration between Edvocation Services and the setting to facilitate the most appropriate responses to reduce barriers to participation.

Individually costed service.

                            Interventions and Individual Targeted Programmes:​

Edvocation® offer a range of interventions, some of which involve our strategic partners.  Interventions are organised around the profile of needs of individuals, and small groups.  These include:​


  • Individual pupil support in curriculum access and learning/social skills/ mental health management.

  • Lego Therapy; Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Approach; Social Skills and thinking programmes; Health and Activity Mentorship; Mindfulness and Drama.

  • Mentoring key staff in social skills interventions and inclusion practices.

Intervention programmes are organised around baseline measures; are reviewed through out the intervention phase, and are completed with a summary report at the point of exit.

Face to Face, Virtual, or Telephone Consultation and Assessments Available


We are located in Shropshire. We believe in building our services around your needs regardless of geographical location. Please contact us to discuss how we can work together to best meet your specific requirements.

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