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Edvocation® Services aims:
  • To provide a responsive and where possible proactive service which will enable education providers to meet their statutory duties and obligations, and to follow legislative guidance, where a child or young person has or may have Special Educational Needs and/or disability/s that may require Special Educational Provision within the Children and Families Act (2014); Equality Act (2010); Teachers Standards (2012); SEND Code of Practice (2015).

  • To enable parent/carers to make informed choices on support, interventions and approaches using robust evidence and advice on a young person's strengths and challenges in interactions and communication, learning and cognition, sensory processing and social, emotional and mental health.

  • To support and/or lead a coordinated approach between professionals in education, health and social care agencies, and families in identifying and raising awareness of a young person’s profile across or within the broad areas of need identified within the SEND Code of Practice (2015); and in planning and implementing appropriate approaches to allow for a child/young person to engage and participate in curriculum and social learning activities within their setting.

  • To deliver relevant training, advice and mentorship that enables knowledge and understanding of issues relating to SEND to be developed, planned for, and actioned.

  • To empower children and young people to access curriculum and social opportunities fundamental to their development of their sense of self, social, emotional, and learning progress, improving outcomes and reaching their potential as part of their journey to adulthood.


Edvocation® Services will provide:

  • Consultants with professional qualification and membership of professional bodies in the relevant areas of need to undertake consultancy, assessment, training, and outreach intervention.

  • Staff with enhanced DBS status and who are registered with the DBS update service and who carry identification with them.

Bookings for services are made as Client acknowledgement and acceptance of the Service Level Agreement. In accepting commissioned work, the Parties of Edvocation® Services Ltd and the Client agree as follows:​

  • The parties agree to do everything necessary to ensure that the terms of this agreement take effect.

  • The Client will notify Associated Individuals/Parties [Associates] of Edvocation® Services involvement.

  • The Client will identify themselves or an authorised representative to be responsible for the arrangement of payment of service fees prior to work being undertaken.

  • Where work has been commissioned by a Client who functions as a service provider, Associates invited to contribute to the assessment process, will have agreed to do everything necessary to ensure that the terms and conditions of this agreement and timescales are met.

  • The consent of an individual who holds parental responsibility of the child/young person is required prior to the gathering of personal data and assessment.

  • Communication between the Client/s and consultant is agreed as being through email and/or telephone and/or virtual meeting platform and/or an organised face to face meeting.

  • To protect the fairness of assessments from being compromised, prior to assessments being undertaken, Edvocation® Services will be informed of any impending, current, or recent – within the past 12 months – psychoeducational and/or clinical testing being conducted.

  • Information provided by Clients and Associates is understood by Edvocation® Services to be taken in good faith and to be accurate at the point of assessment.

  • Where an Edvocation® Service Consultant, Advisor, the Client, or Associate is unable to attend a consultation meeting or assessment visit, they will use their best endeavours to notify the other Party prior to the scheduled start time.


Terms and Conditions:


  • Edvocation® consultant/s will have full control over working time, methods, and decision making in relation to provision of their services. The consultant/s will work autonomously and not at the direction of the Client/Associate/s. However the consultant/s will be responsive to the reasonable needs and concerns of the Client/Associate/s.

  • In providing the services under this agreement, it is expressly agreed that the consultant is acting as an independent contractor and not as an employee. The consultant and the Client acknowledge that this agreement does not create a partnership or joint venture between them and is exclusively a contract for service.

  • Except as otherwise provided in this agreement, Edvocation® Service Ltd may, at the consultants absolute discretion, engage a third-party subcontractor to perform some of or all of the obligations of the consultant under this agreement.

  • In the event that the consultant hires a subcontractor the consultant will pay the subcontractor for its service and the compensation will remain payable by the Client to the consultant for the purposes of the indemnification clause of this agreement, the subcontractor is an agent of the consultant.


  • It is the responsibility of Client/s and where appropriate Associate/s, to arrange and provide the information requested from them by Edvocation® Services within the stipulated timeframes unless agreed in writing with the consultant.  The late return of information will invalidate timeframe guidance and will be processed with due regard for Edvocation® Services diary availability. 

  • Documents generated from visits, such as assessment reports, are issued to the Client within 45 working school days of a consultant having received requested information from parties or the date of visit – whichever occurs the latest. Assessment findings reflect the information provided by the Client and Associates at the point of assessment.  

  • Edvocation® Services, Client and Associates are individually responsible for taking reasonable steps to ensure effective communication - such as checking inboxes on a regular basis - this includes 'junk'/'spam' filters.

  • Where a work has been commissioned by an education provider/local authority Client a copy of the report issued by Edvocation® Services will be distributed by the Client to the young person’s parent/carer within 5 school working days of the Client being in its receipt.

  • Where a work has been commissioned by a parent/carer, it is advised that, at the discretion of the Client findings are shared with relevant professionals, such as SENCo/class teacher/GP to inform understandings, interventions, and next steps.

  • Administration service charges will be applied, and prior payment required – such as with regard to the re-issue of documents, and/or in the event of amendments to details and information falling outside of 30 school working days of assessment documents being issued to the Client. 

  • Advisory meetings following the issue of a report  made outside of 15 working days of report issue from Edvocation® Services or made outside of allocated diary times advised within the on-line booking service, will incur a consultancy charge. 

  • Face to Face advisory meetings will be charged at consultancy plus travel rates.

  • Where reports or attendance are required as part of requests for statutory assessment, annual, interim, or emergency review (SEND Code of Practice, 2015) appropriate notification is given to Edvocation® Services.

  • In the instance of it being necessary for virtual assessment to be undertaken with the child, an appropriate adult is present within the setting.

  • Where the venue for a training session is that of the Client, the Client is responsible for ensuring the venue is appropriately organised, for example café style arranged seating, and that IT provision is supplied. Access to the training room is requested to be available before the session is to take place. This is to check compatibility and effectiveness of the equipment provided.


Informed consent:

  • The consent of an individual who holds parental responsibility of the child/young person is required prior to the gathering of personal data in-line with our privacy policy and prior to assessment.

  • Where individuals holding parental responsibility do not cohabit, informed consent is only required from one person. The consenting individual who holds parental responsibility is requested to bring to the attention of any other person who holds parental responsibility or their representative,  appropriate to individual circumstances and where applicable legal directions, the involvement of Edvocation® Services.


Intellectual Property Rights:

  • All intellectual property and related material [the intellectual property] that is developed or produced under this agreement will be the property of the consultant. The Client is granted a non-exclusive limited use licence of this intellectual property. Limited use is determined as 12 months from the point of issue. 

  • Titled, copyrights, intellectual property rights and distribution rights of the intellectual property remain exclusively with the consultant.


  • Confidential information [the confidential information] refers to any data or information relating to the business of the Client which would reasonably be considered to be the property of the Client where the release of that confidential information could reasonably be expected to cause harm to the Client. The Client/Associate are responsible for making such information clear as appropriate to them.

  • Edvocation® Services consultant/s agrees that they will not disclose, divulge, reveal, report or use, for any purpose, any confidential information which the consultant has obtained, except as authorised by the Client or as required by law. The obligations of confidentiality will apply during the term and will survive indefinitely upon termination of this agreement.

  • All written and oral information and material disclosed or provided by the Clients/Associates to the consultant under this agreement is confidential information regardless of whether it was provided before or after the date of this agreement, or how it was provided to the consultant.

  • Documents will be sent via GDPR compliant encrypted emails unless it has been confirmed in writing that the Client wishes to receive unencrypted information.

  • Consent for data collection and storage will be attained through written consent of Clients over the age of 13 years. For young people under the age of 13 years parental/carer/guardian consent is required.

  • Information will stored electronically on encrypted equipment.

  • When working within an educational provision, a space to consult with key staff/child/young person/ parent/carer without interruption will be allocated. This space is required to be is quiet and confidential and where the people present have been invited to be there by agreement with the school and consultant.

  • For more information on Information will stored electronically on encrypted equipment. You may request access to information stored about you from Dr. Angela Willis. Information on GPDR can be found at:

Non-attendance and unexpected absence:

  • Edvocation® Services will contact the Client/s as soon as possible in the instance of unavoidable delay or cancellation of an appointment.

  • Where a service and/or programme has been commissioned appropriate notice by the person who has commissioned the service or their authorised representative, is required in the instance of anticipated/planned/known absence. 

  • When a pupil is absent who has been referred for assessment/is being supported in an intervention programme organised by Edvocation® Services, appropriate notice is required to avoid unnecessary travel.

  • Failure to inform Edvocation® Services when there could have been appropriate notice given (e.g. school trips, prolonged or afternoon absence) will result in the planned session still being invoiced. Notification via email and/or telephone call to leave a message is requested.

  • Instances of appropriate notice include: school trips, prolonged or afternoon absence.

  • Appropriate notice of non-attendance is considered as no less than 24 hours of the scheduled appointment start time. Failure to inform Edvocation® Services when there could have been appropriate notice given will result in the planned session still being invoiced.

  • Appropriate notice of unexpected absence is considered to be no later than 1 hour prior to the scheduled appointment start time. Failure to inform Edvocation® Services when there could have been appropriate notice given will result in the planned session still being invoiced.

  • Notifications of non-attendance or unexpected absence for scheduled face to face appointments which fall outside that of appropriate notice, will incur a charge for professional time and travel.  This is a fee of £80/hour plus mileage to and from the venue.  This is charged at 0.52p/mile. For on-line platform or telephone consultation, a period of 15 minutes grace will be given. Non-attendance will be considered a missed appointment. Re-bookings of missed appointments will be at the discretion and diary availability of Edvocation® Services. A re-booking fee of £30 will be charged to the Client.


Termination of agreement and completion of commissioned work:

  • Termination of agreement between the Client and provider is agreed as the receipt of fees and issuing of report in a standalone tariff arrangement; at the end of the academic year or when the final report for a package has been issued – whichsoever occurs the soonest. In signing the agreement the Client is agreeing they are in a position of authority to do and to make payment.

  • Where a Client does not return the information within the timeframe requested of them by Edvocation® Services to enable the assessment process to be completed, termination of agreement will be made after a period of 28 days (the 28 days’ notice). 

  • In the event that this agreement is terminated by the Client prior to completion of the services but where the services have been partially performed the consultants will be entitled to pro rata payment of the payment to the date of termination provided that there has been no breach of contract on the part of the consultant.

  • In the event that this agreement is terminated by Edvocation® Services following the 28 days’ notice, Edvocation® Services reserve the right to retain the service fee.

  • Packages are valid for the academic year they were purchase in. To ensure sessions can be completed within Summer Term of an academic year, booking requests must be submitted to Edvocation® Services no later than the last Friday before summer half term. Edvocation® Services will use best endeavours to arrange bookings; if this is not possible then unused purchases may be forfeited. Purchases cannot be carried over into the following academic year.


Payment terms:

  • Except as otherwise provided in this agreement all monetary amounts referred to in this agreement are in GBP.

  • Payment in full is required prior to work being undertaken unless an invoice agreement has been authorised by Edvocation® Services. Invoices submitted by the consultant to the Client are due by bank transfer within 30 days of the invoice.

  • Interest payable on any overdue amounts under the agreement is charged at the rate of 10.0% per annum or at the maximum enforceable under applicable legislation whichever is lower.

  • A fixed fee is applied in the instance a service programme has been commissioned. No waiver is given for missed sessions from Client/Associate/s absence; re-organisation of missed sessions is at the discretion of the consultant or advisor and their diary availability. 

  • Where the venue for a training session is that of the Client, the Client is responsible for ensuring the venue is appropriately organised, for example café style arranged seating, and that IT provision is supplied. Access to the training room is requested to be available before the session is to take place. This is to check compatibility and effectiveness of the equipment provided.

Privacy Policy:

Your confidence in the way your data is looked after is really important. This Privacy Policy explains the types of personal data Edvocation may collect about you prior, during or after a assessment and/or consultancy.  It describes how Edvocation stores, handles and keeps that data safe. It also sets out your rights, how to contact us and (if you need to) how to complain in the event you have a problem or complaint.

Protecting your data:

When Edvocation collect or process your personal data I am regulated by the General Data Protection Regulations which applies across the European Union (including the United Kingdom) and I am responsible as ‘controller’ or ‘processor’ of that personal information for the purposes of those laws. As such I am registered with The Information Commissioners Office.


The personal information collected and used:

The information collected about you is needed to deliver the services you have asked for, such as a dyslexia diagnostic assessment, psychometric assessments of disorder indicators, profiling, interventions, or to keep you informed about things you might reasonably expect, given our relationship. That tends to include things like:

  • Who you are – so we know what to call you

  • Where you live - so we can attend the address as required or record it on the assessment report

  • Telephone number and email – so I can send you your report and request any information needed

  • Background Information – to inform your report

  • If you contact Edvocation as a parent or carer, information about your children

As you would expect, Edvocation must keep records to comply with the law regarding (for example) criminal activity or fraud.

How your personal information is used:

Normally, your personal information is used to:

  • Deliver the service I have agreed to provide you with

  • Provide you with support, assistance, and services in relation to dyslexia and related neurodiverse conditions, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and Educational inclusion as appropriate

  • To better understand the needs of diverse and specific populations, for example dyslexic and non-dyslexic people in order to diagnose individuals with dyslexia.

Who your personal information is shared with:

Your personal data is not routinely shared with anyone unless there is a good reason to do so. This might include:

  • Your child’s school – information will be shared with your child’s school if you have given me permission to do so

  • Other Third Parties (‘third parties’) – Edvocation will share your information with 3rd Parties, such as other professionals, if you have given me permission to do so

As you would expect, I will share personal information with law enforcement or other authorities, if required by applicable law. I will not share your personal information with any other third party.


Information I need vs information that would be helpful to the cause:

I often need your personal data to provide you with the services you have requested. If you query the need to provide any specific item of data, I will inform you at this point whether you are required to provide the information to receive the service or whether this is optional.

How long your personal information will be kept:

I will hold your personal data for as long as it is needed to allow me to provide you with the service.

Following the assessment and the compilation of the final assessment report, all client questionnaires, all raw data test sheets and all other personal data will be permanently deleted/destroyed.

I am required to retain some information by applicable UK law (currently 6 years after an individual’s 18th birthday or 6 years for an adult). This information will be the final assessment report documents. During this time, you will be able to ask for an electronic copy of the report.  However, it is strongly recommend that you keep a copy of your report securely. After this time Edvocation Services will not be able to supply you with a copy of your report.

Reasons I can collect and use your personal information:

Rather than bombard you with requests for permissions, I try to limit the data I keep to that required to fulfil my contractual obligations to you and/or the pursuit of our legitimate interest as the lawful basis on which I collect and use your personal data. My legitimate interest is providing you services in relation to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and Educational inclusion.  This includes dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties  diagnostic assessment. Where I am privy to special category personal information, for example children’s and criminal information, I will only use such information where applicable and with your explicit consent i.e. include the information in an assessment report.

Transfer of your information out of the European Economic Area:

I will not transfer your personal data outside of the United Kingdom or to any organisation (or subordinate bodies) governed by public international law or which is set up under any agreement between two or more countries.

Your rights:

Under the General Data Protection Regulations, you have several important rights including:

  • The fair processing of information and transparency over how I use your use personal information

  • Access to your personal information and to certain other supplementary information that this Privacy Policy is already designed to address

  • Requiring me to correct any mistakes in your information which I hold

  • Requiring the erasure of personal information concerning you in certain situations

  • Receiving the personal information concerning you which you have provided to me, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and have the right to transmit that data to a third party in certain situations

  • Objecting at any time to processing or storage of personal information concerning you

  • Objecting to decisions being taken by automated means which produce legal effects concerning you or significantly affect you

  • Objecting in certain other situations to my continued storage of your personal information

  • Restricting my processing or storage of your personal information in certain circumstances

  • Claiming compensation for damages caused by our breach of any data protection laws

  • Exercising these rights free of charge

For further information on each of those rights, including the circumstances in which they apply, see the Guidance from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) on individuals’ rights under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Exercising your rights:

If you would like to exercise any of the rights outlined above, please:

  • email, call or write to me (details of how below)

  • Let me have enough information to identify you (e.g. name and property details)

Keeping your personal information secure:

I have appropriate security measures in place to prevent personal information from being accidentally lost, used or accessed in an unauthorised way. I limit access to your personal information to those who have a genuine need to know it and with your express permission. I will process your information in an authorised manner and subject to a duty of confidentiality. I also have procedures in place to deal with any suspected data security breach. I will notify you and any applicable regulator of a suspected data security breach, where I am legally required to do so.


How to complain:

I hope that I can resolve any query or concern you raise about my use of your information.

If you have a complaint or query, please contact me on telephone number: 07307 181192 or email:

The General Data Protection Regulation also gives you right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, in particular in the European Union (or European Economic Area) where you work, normally live or where any alleged infringement of data protection laws occurred.

The supervisory authority in the UK is the Information Commissioner who may be contacted at: or telephone: 0303 123 1113.

Changes to this privacy notice:

This privacy notice was reviewed and published on 7th April 2022.

I may change this privacy notice from time to time but the version your signed will remain applicable to you. Please contact me if you have any questions about this privacy policy or the information I hold about you.

Dr Angela Willis CPsychol

Member of the Federation of Small Businesses. See FSB's website:


Compliments and complaints:

  • Edvocation® Services Ltd aim to give you a professional service.  We welcome the opportunity for your feedback as we work with you to 'enable square pegs in round holes' and promote inclusion.  For compliments or complaints to enable us to tailor our services please contact: Dr Angela Willis at or on 07307 181192


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