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Please note all service areas can be offered face to face or virtually (for example through Teams/Zoom).

We offer stand-alone tariffs for consultancy, training, assessment and intervention services.

Stand-alone options are singular/series of singular sessions. They may be purchased in advance, or on a buy-as-you-need arrangement.


Commissioned Working:

Bespoke commissioned work is costed around the requirements of service users – for example attendance at professionals meetings, support packages - such as supporting transition, one-to-one mentoring, individualised provision within Education, Health and Care Plan, SENCo/ALNCo support.

Consultancy prices start at £80.00 per hour with professional time costed in for travel.

Individual Case Consultancy: From £30*

Our Individual Case Consultation offers you bespoke working and support around SEND issues and matters. For example through:

  • full management of your case

  • providing checks and guidance throughout the timeframe of our work with you

  • advice sessions scheduled as 'one-off', as 'when needed', and/or as 'check-ins' at regular points  

Individual Case Consultation Packages are costed on a time allocated basis charged at twenty minute time units. Fees start at £30* for one twenty minute time unit and include a written summary of advice for the work undertaken.

Assessment Services:

Progress monitoring and tracking assessment:  £325

This is a review of interventions, progress and planning of ‘next steps’ within three terms of a profiling or screening assessment.  It includes a brief record of professional discussion, findings of review and outline of plan for next steps.

FAB (Functional Assessment of Behaviour): from: £565* 

This includes analysis of questionnaires, on-line/telephone consultation of up to 60 minutes, write up of findings into report format.  This assessment examines behaviours and looks for probable underlying causes in relation to aspects of DSM 5 (Diagnostic Statistics Manual) clinical criteria.  It considers behaviours in relation to the four broad areas of need within the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Code of Practice (2015).  Reports can provide evidence for referral into specialist services for diagnostic assessments, such as autism; they can also be used to present parent and/or young persons views within parent request for statutory assessment (EHCP).

*a consultancy charge is made for the inclusion, analysis and write up of professionals views and experiences.

Individual Profiling or SEND Assessment Screening: £659

This includes the administration, analysis of data, professional discussion, parent/carer consultation, comprehensive report of findings and recommendations within the areas of cognition and learning; interaction and communication (including Autism); sensory processing and social, emotional, mental 

health (for example ADHD; attachment disorder; trauma; anxiety; depression; oppositional defiance disorder; conduct disorder). Screening assessments are used to identify strengths and challenges when there is a concern over the area of need/s SEND.  This is helpful when requesting statutory assessment within the EHCP process or within referral to health services; profiling assessments are used when a specific area of need/disability has been identified, such as when a young person has a diagnosis and further information is required to specify the impact of SEND on a young person, including provision, and access arrangements.


Dyslexia diagnostic assessment and report: £595

This assessment confirms if a person has dyslexia or not and provides a picture of their specific strengths, challenges, and cognitive profile. Once a person has a diagnosis of Dyslexia, they are considered to have a recognised disability covered by the Equality Act 2010. Dyslexia assessment can be used to support an application for examination access arrangements and Disabled Students Allowance (for those in or entering Higher Education).

Edvocation Comprehensive Needs Assessment and report: £1040

In-depth psychometric assessment of cognition and learning scrutinises verbal and visual memory processes and executive functions. This is in addition to underlying learning ability, screening of social responsiveness, sensory differences and indicators of neurodevelopmental differences and mood difficulties.  Our ECNA provides robust evidence to Local Authorities and Inspectors of your actions, best endeavours and appropriate use of specialist and expert advice and assessment to inform strategies and interventions matched to the individual SEND profile of a child or young person. Ideally suited for requests for Education, Health and Care Needs Assessments.

Training and workshops:

Fees start from: £290*

For examples of the range of training topics we have delivered please visit our 'Training Services' tab, or contact us to discuss your specific needs through

Sessions are offered as:

  • 60 minutes

  • 90 minutes

  • 120 minutes

  • half day (3 hours)

  • full day (6 hours)

*based on one sixty minute session at a venue provided by the commissioning party. Cost includes preparation and delivery time. Add-on costs for printed materials are calculated on delegate numbers.



Fees start at £80*

Intervention programmes are bespoke, and organised around baseline measures; are reviewed through out the intervention phase, and are completed with a (a) summary report, or (b)**running record, or (c) parent/professional meeting at the point of exit. 

Fees are charged per session and include preparation, delivery and **write up of running record.

Additional charge is made for professional travel time.

Optional add-on charges are made for (a) summary reports, correspondence and (c) meetings.

*Based on one forty minute session with an individual child.

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